Listening to all voices? The politics of ‘lived experience’: concerns, contradictions, and challenges

at Teaching and Learning Centre, Durham University

A free two-day summit of talks, activities and workshops

Day 1

One-day symposium 

The one-day symposium will engage academics, researchers, policy makers, practitioners, community activists and those who have shared their lived experience(s) and will involve a mix of papers, provocations and research conversations.

Day 2

Postgraduate researchers conference

The postgraduate researcher conference will provide a supportive environment for approximately 40-50 PGRs to share early stages of their research and to explore some of the challenges associated with research with people with ‘lived experience’ of social issues. The format of the day will consist of papers, thematic workshop sessions and discussions, and poster and other creative presentations.



These events have emerged from research group members recognising a series of shared challenges when accounts of ‘lived experience’ are used to develop and inform research impact, social policy, and social justice practices across a diverse range of policy and research areas including poverty, social work practice, diaspora communities, domestic violence, trafficking and workplace racism. These include: a lack of meaningful or diverse inclusion; the assumed binary positions of academics/policymakers and those with ‘lived experience’; and/or when accounts of ‘lived experience’ are purposely selected to support existing political or policy agendas.


Palatine Centre

Stockton Rd, Durham DH1 3LE


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